A vibrant, world-class permanent exhibition in the heart of Fremantle, for all to enjoy.


Late to the project, we were brought on to deliver full scope art consultancy to this landmark Fremantle site. Working within established architectural parameters we proceeded with a clear strategy – to generously locate public artworks around the site to ensure through whichever of the four street fronts you entered the precinct, that art would be part of your journey.


Early in the concept phase we established a curatorial theme around light, born from our desire to shine a light on talented artists, diverse ideas and on FOMO itself as a new welcoming beacon in the centre of town.  Then each artist was given a location to create individual works which once installed would create a gently woven together collection.

Diversity within the collection was paramount – a mix of medium with print, paint and sculpture, a mix of gender and cultural identities and a considered combination of local, national and international, emerging to mid-career artists. Of particular note is Harley Richard’s mural, which marks the City of Fremantle’s first permanent mural work by a Noongar artist, an important milestone.

Working within the Percent for Public Art Scheme, we managed all council approvals, budgeting, artist briefings, planning, fabrication, installation, and global logistics for all works including the international artist Gali May Lucas (UK). 


The collection sparks dialogue daily and is encouraging the public to interact and enjoy art, and the characteristics of each work are building a dynamic identity and landmarks for the precinct. Locals are proud the City now houses such a vibrant collection and its arrival is garnering positive feedback from local government and surrounding businesses.


\  Client  Sirona Capital
\  Artists  Jack Brommel, Dipesh Peche Prasad, Tim Meakins, Harley Richards, Peter Drew
\  Art Consultant  Art Theory
\  Architect  Hassell
\  Landscape Architecture  Seedesign Studio
\  Photography  Dion Robeson
\  Photography  Design Theory
\  Photography  MITP Agency
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