Hibernian Place

Activating Hibernian Place and Hay Street with a giant-scale mural by one of Australia’s most revered street artists.


BCG approached us for an art-based solution to the southern facade of the Westin Hotel tower, which was to remain exposed due to amended design plans. To turn the untreated wall into a plus, the client wanted to activate the connection between Hibernian Place and Hay Street in East Perth with a large scale artwork that would turn heads and bring the pleasure of unexpected discovery to their world-class development Hibernian Place.


We drove a six-month consultation with stakeholders, which included concepts for the side of the building, liaising with possible artists for the project and steering the final outcome in consultation with the Rone (Tyrone Wright), Australia’s revered street artist who travels the world painting giant-scale murals. Hibernian Place was his first major commissioned work in Perth.

We flew Rone to Perth and facilitated the development of the concept, eventually settling on the image of the unknown local woman. As construction drew near completion, Rone, along with his assistant Callum Preston, created the mural over a two-week period, painting from a swing stage lift, photo in hand.


The week of painting attracted media attention and packs of onlookers, and the final mural was profiled in publications around Australia. It garnered attention for BCG Development, the Westin Hotel tower, and continues to attract locals, tour & visitors to Hibernian Place.  The artwork has effectively activated the exciting new precinct and breathed life into the east end of Perth city.   

\  Client  BGC Development
\  Artist   RONE
\  Art Consultant  Art Theory
\  Architect   Hassell
\  Photography  Dion Robeson
\  Press  2018 Fabric Quarterly - 'Word on the Street'
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